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If you are a Man and are tired of living like a frightened lamb, this blog calls you to cling, with all your might, to the only True Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

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There is something horribly wrong with our world today: SIN. Jesus Christ has taken care of that, but now it is our job to live like Him. He is the epitome of manhood, not a football, basketball, or MMA star. The goal of this blog is to demolish this falsified, testosterone induced version of manhood and replace it with what Christ had in mind for the everyman. Gird up your loins, gentlemen. Jeremiah 1:17, Ephesians 6:14

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Brief Farewell

I need to say this as clearly as I can: I love writing on this blog. For four years I've written about how the Gospel redeems masculinity, not into an ultra-butch, angry identity, but rather pushes all our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our manliness (and everything else about us). He is our example of gentle fire, ruling with firmness and sweetness, power and mercy. While I've struggled here and there with following a continuous schedule of posting, each post was written with much prayer and joy. My hope is that these writings have been of service to someone.

It is with no regret, but much sadness that I deem this my last post on this blog. It's not in my nature to stop writing, so it is highly probable that you'll find me somewhere else in cyberspace, writing in a way that (hopefully) gives glory to God. It just won't be here. My reasons are varied, but in part it's because my best means to promote gospel saturated, biblically-founded masculinity is to live it out, pushing the eyes of others off myself and onto my Lord.

Additionally, the Gospel is beautifully paradoxical; it is simple yet complex, particular yet vast; like a stone thrown in a pond creating ripples, the Gospel has the ability to affect the whole of human experience if we let it (and in fact, it already has for many). Thus it is highly possible that I will start a blog about that: The Gospel. Just as it is true that I am a man, it is also true that I am an African American, a writer, a visual artist, a  son, a brother, and a friend. But in front of all these things, I am a follower of Jesus. It is that devotion (albeit waveringly at times) that permeates all the other vehicles of self-identification. And there are lots of vehicles, which makes for a lot of writing.

There are far too many wonderful people who have influenced me in becoming the man that I am becoming. To name them all would take a few blog posts and would, mostly likely, be a bore to read. So I will list one.

Norman Wells was the first man I've ever met (besides the doctor who delivered me out of my mother's womb, but I don't recall his name...Tim maybe?). While we are very different people and live very different lives, he has been there to encourage me and push me towards the good he knew I'd be able to accomplish. He's a wonderful father, who has a great habit of pointing me to my heavenly Father in almost every conversation. Thanks for being there, Daddy. Thanks for calling me "strong".

And thank you reader, for keeping up with these writings. I am joyful at what the Lord  has done with it. May the Lord bless you.

I'm leaving this blog up for a month or so. The hope is to take many of these posts and compile them, turning it into a book. We'll see how that goes.


Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved 1 Corinthians 15:3-4